Association of Interregional Socio-Economic Cooperation
“Central Federal District”

The exhibition of the country’s main achievements has been extended until July 08

November 4 – July 8.

The international exhibition and forum “Russia” is a demonstration of the country’s main achievements. Participants will be all 89 regions of Russia, federal ministries and departments, corporations and public organizations.

For six months, the territory of VDNKh will become a large-scale projection of the whole of Russia. The exhibition will allow you to get acquainted with modern technological developments and scientific discoveries. Visitors will learn about key achievements in the industrial, social, sports and cultural spheres of the country.

Vibrant cultural and entertainment events, extensive educational and business programs are planned for the entire duration of the Exhibition.

During the regional days, each subject of the Russian Federation will present its main achievements of recent years and talk about plans for the future. Guests of the Exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the region, appreciate its natural beauty, and also taste national dishes.

“Russia is an open country and at the same time a unique civilization. There is no claim to exclusivity or superiority in this statement, but this civilization is ours – that’s what’s important. Our ancestors passed it on to us, and we must preserve it for our descendants and pass it on,” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia has a rich history and great prospects. Right now, our scientists are making breakthrough discoveries, our education is ensuring the country’s advanced development in the future.

But it is important to carefully preserve traditions. Therefore, in Russia they are creating new tourist routes to iconic places in order to truly reveal the original historical path of their native country.

Visiting the Exhibition is free.
Registration is required for select events.